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How To Install Stable and Fast OxySlim ROM On OnePlus 2 (based on Oxygen OS 2.2.0)

We know you are waiting for the official Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for your OnePlus 2. Till then you can use instead a new custom ROM, dubbed as OxySlim, which can somehow make you forget that Android 6.0 is still nowhere to find.

How is that possible? Well, OxySlim is based on stock Oxygen OS 2.2.0 and offers a pure and light Android 5.1.1 experience for your OnePlus 2. The firmware is fully stable, smooth and extra fast, which means that you can enjoy a great Android firmware along with several dedicated CyanogenMod features (the ROM ports some CM apps and processes). The system is similar with the stock Oxygen OS 2.2.0 but customized in order to provide increased speeds, extra functionality and a better RAM usage. So, should you try it out? Well, I would say yes, especially if you want to change something on your OnePlus 2.

[warning title=”Note:” icon=”exclamation-triangle”]Being a custom ROM, the OxySlim represents a third party software developed by third party devs. Therefore, if you choose to flash the software, you will lose the warranty of your device. And take a backup of your device[/warning][info title=”Note” icon=”info-circle”]In order to Install OxySlim or any other custom ROM you need to root and install custom recovery on your OnePlus 2. If you have rooted and installed TWRP recovery earlier then skip the rooting procedure.
[/info]Pre-requisites before rooting and installation of TWRP

Ensure that you have in place the following software before beginning rooting:

Download SuperSU
Download TWRP
Download ADB installer files
Download OnePlus 2 Windows drivers

How to root OnePlus2 , running Oxygen OS

1. Install ADB by following on-screen instructions. Extract and place the ADB folder, SuperSU and TWRP on the desktop of your computer. Rename these folders
2. After installation of ADB file in Step 1, navigate to Settings within your OnePlus 2 smartphone. Here, locate Developer Options. To enable developer options, click the Build Number Seven times. The Build Number can be found within About Phone
3. In developer Options, select Allow OEM Unlock and Advanced Reboot options
4. Reboot the OnePlus 2 into Bootloader mode. If Advanced Reboot is selected in Step 3 then you can hold down the power button and select reboot to directly enter Bootloader, and then Bootloader. For users who have not selected Advanced Reboot, power off the handset and hold down volume Up
5. After entering the Bootloader mode, interface the OnePlus 2 through the Type-C USB cable
6. After interfacing, navigate to the renamed ADB folder. Launch a new Terminal Window
7. In the terminal window, type the following commands:

fastboot devices

Observe your device’s ID number being displayed after you enter the command

8. Enter the following command to unlock the bootlaoder:

fastboot oem unlock

9. Reboot the OnePlus 2 smartphone, after execution of Step 9
10. After rebooting, Once your device has rebooted, navigate to where you stored the SuperSU download on the desktop and move this file to your smartphone’s internal storage. Reboot again into fastboot. Ensure that the handset continues to remain connected to the computer.
11. After Rebooting, navigate to Bootloader mode, launch a new terminal window and key-in the following commands:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

This command completes installation of TWRP within your OnePlus 2. To enter TWRP mode, enter the following command:

fastboot boot recovery.img

12. After TWRP competes loading, click Install and navigate to the SuperSU zip location and complete installation.
13. After completion of installation, clear cache memory and reboot the smartphone by making use of the reboot function within the TWRP page. Completion of Step 13 should render your OnePlus 2 rooted.

Congratulations, Your OnePlus 2 is now rooted and have TWRP Recovery installed. Now, you may proceed further.

Install OxySlim ROM On OnePlus 2

  1. Download the OxySlim ROM and Download compatible Google Apps.
  2. Save these files on your computer and transfer them on your OnePlus 2.
  3. Power off your smartphone.
  4. After full power off, Reboot into recovery mode – Hold “Volume Down” and “Power Button” to boot into recovery mode.
  5. In recovery, select “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  6. After doing so, return to main menu of recovery.
  7. Now, select “Install” and pick the OxySlim firmware along with the Google Apps package.
  8. Resume the flashing process by following on screen prompts and then wait while everything is completed.
  9. When done, you have to choose “reboot system now” from the main menu of recovery.

That’s all, You are on Fast as well as Stable ROM on your OnePlus 2.. Do tell us how things worked and also share your experience with us by using the comments field from down below.

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