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CES 2016: First OLED Gaming Laptop Is Alienware 13

CES 2016: First OLED Gaming Laptop Is Alienware 13

While at CES 2016, everyone is showcasing the latest and beatufiful technology. How can Alienware be back at this? Alienware has joined the league of firsts by unveiling the world’s first OLED gaming laptop.

Those familiar with OLED displays will know why this is a big deal for a gaming laptop. OLEDs offer deeper blacks since there’s no need for a backlight and lower latency. Alienware has claimed that its new Alienware 13 laptop will have a one millisecond refresh rate thanks to OLED.

The reason behind the delay to embrace OLED screens for gaming laptops is that OLED panels used to be expensive in larger sizes, but they are now affordable enough to be used by Alienware without having its laptops cost and exuberant amount.

The Alienware 13 will be priced similar to its Quad-HD display variant. The starting price of the OLED model is $1499 (approx. Rs.1,00,250) and the laptop is expected to launch mid-April.

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