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Bluboo Picasso could be the biggest screen ratio 5.0 inch phone so far !

Bluboo Picasso

Bluboo moves quickly in the past month. In a short time, they published their first 5 inch Triple-sim smartphone Xfire 2 and first sports android wear smartwatch – Xwatch continuously.

Bluboo Picasso Biggest Screen Ratio

But quickly they disclose new information about their secret product Picasso. As the one of the most important product in 2016, Picasso aims to break out in highly competitive smartphone market.

Bluboo Picasso Biggest Screen Ratio

Display: 5.0 inch
Screen Ratio: 80%
Size: 141mm x 70mm x 8mm (iPhone 5S: 123mm x 58mm x 8mm)
Launch Time: February 2016

1. It could be configured sapphire crystal display
2. No virtual button
3. Extreme thin bezel

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