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DOOGEE Y200: The Most Affordable Device with Sapphire Fingerprint Sensor

DOOGEE Y200: The Most Affordable Device with Sapphire Fingerprint Sensor

DOOGEE’s high-end model Y200 will be released in early December. Y200 in a 5.5 inches slim body, features on Home key compatible with fingerprint recognition.Y200 fingerprint chip is currently the world’s latest technology GF516M, which solves the  multifunctional program. The same chip as Meizu Metal and Le1s . In addition, to achieve the best vision and experience, Y200 Home key is covered with the same material sapphire glass as Iphone6.  Y200 Home key with functional diversification thanks to GF516M chip and DOOGEE software team.

DOOGEE Y200: Smart Fingerprint Sensor

Multi-functional Home Key of great sensor and Sapphire cover: 

1. Unlock Screen

Like all the other fingerprint keys, home key’s maximum function is unlocked. Due to equipped with the latest and fastest fingerprint chip, Y200 takes just 0.15s to quickly scan fingerprint, unlock the screen from black state into the interface, users will never feel delay.

DOOGEE Y200: Unlock Screen

2. Touch the HOME Key to Flip 

In order to facilitate one-handed operation on big screen, and ease thumb fatigue during long reading flip, you can switch desktop menu page, photos page, reading interface very quick and easy through lightly touching.

DOOGEE Y200: Home Key To Flip

3. Touch the Home button to Play and Pause

This humanized design avoids video page fade or popup due to misuse gestures while playing a video. Tapping the Home button to control video will avoid such misuse gestures.

DOOGEE Y200: Touch Home Key To Play & Pause

4. Instant Shooting 

In the camera interface, touch Home key achieving 0.1s fast focus, quickly capturing moments. This is absolutely a best selfie helper with rapider response than traditional camera press shutter.

DOOGEE Y200: Instant Shoot

5. Music Switch.

Gently fingerprint scanning, freely music switching. Much easier than earphone button.

DOOGEE Y200: Music Switch

6. APP Encryption

Easily touch the App to unlock, no need to type the code which always leaks to others.

DOOGEE Y200: APP Encryption

The HOME key fingerprint beneath Y200 sapphire glass cover also has several advantages:

DOOGEE Y200: Fingerprint Sensor KEY

First, on Application, although fingerprint modules is small size and complex application environment, it is put on high demands for quick identification and sensitivity.

DOOGEE Y200: Multi function Fingerprint Sensor KEY

Second, the degree of its resistance to scratches and crush is four times higher than that of traditional chemical glass. It is well known that diamond is the hardest substance in nature, ranting of 10 in Mohs hardness scale. And sapphire’s rating is 9, second only to diamonds.

DOOGEE Y200: Multi function Fingerprint Sensor Is SMART

Third, to a large extent, the use of sapphire also solves  technology problems, especially drilling, milling and other processes. To achieve all-black, all-glass surface effect, sapphire cover is the best choice to Y200.

DOOGEE Y200: Outstanding Outer Frame

Anyway, Y200 will be quite affordable compared to other devices, equipped with such a fingerprint sensor , sapphire material and a bigger memory 2GB+32GB. DOOGEE is moving closer to international brands, and striving to achieve a small innovation in high-quality equipment.

DOOGEE Y200: 2GB Ram & 32GB Internal Stroage

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