Imagine If You Own Google.com For One Minute

Google.com is possibly the most known and used domain in the world, according to general consensus. But, with the Internet being prone to glitches every now and then, even the world’s Internet supremo can lose its own name to… Anyone.

Sanmay Ved, an ex-Google employee, happened to own Google.com, for a minute on September 29. In process of learning more about how Google domains work, he searched for the domain Google.com, and it surprisingly showed up as ‘Available’, for a price tag of $12 (about Rs. 780). As curiosity set in, he attempted to purchase it, and his payment went through, too. Following this, he received payment and ownership confirmations on his Google Search Console, meaning that ownership was actually transferred to his name. Not being evil, Ved duly reported this incident to Google Security, who acknowledged the affair. All rights of ownership were subsequently taken back.

Ved's payment confirmation, after he bought Google.com
Ved’s payment confirmation, after he bought Google.com

Nevertheless, it must have been one euphoric minute for Ved, owning the search engine that is accessed by millions across the world every second. While such a mistake is improbable to occur again, we at PaidFreeDroid thought of a few probable things that might have happened, when someone owns Google.com for a minute. Here’s to wishful thinking!

You become the master of the Internet

You become the master of the Internet

Contrary to the usual search bar and the Google logo/doodle that welcomes you, how would it feel to open the page and read, “Welcome, Master. What do you want to know?” The Internet is like an iceberg, and to sit on top of the iceberg has to be a special feeling, and that special feeling commands a special authority. In the one hot minute, you become the source of the entire world’s queries – from Sexy and I Know It’s lyrics to How to make tea, you are the source of all activity. Ah, what a feeling!

You go berserk with joy

You go berserk with joy

Quite possibly, you will get overburdened by a plethora of emotions ravaging through your dumbstruck mind still trying to process what just happened. Chances are high that you will start celebrating your best purchase ever, and I’m feeling lucky will reach different heights altogether. You decide to let the world know what happened, and your friends, who didn’t invite you for the awesome party last evening, now looks at you with fervent admiration. Yes, you deserve every ounce of it. You bought it.

You become evil

You become evil

“Do the right thing” is still an ambiguous statement. What matters, is what seems right to you. The greatest philosophers have often said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. The deal is, you need time to seep in all the great power, and even more time to realise the greater responsibilities. One moment you happen to be a mere mortal looking for information on Google, and the next, you own the information. It is safe to say that this giant leap for you is bigger than the giant leap mankind took by landing on the moon. When power is wrongly handed over to someone, catastrophic things can happen. We shudder to think what may happen to the world if your alter ego takes over in that one fatal minute.



You simply sit in front of your computer screen, and think what should be your next step of action. In the meantime, Google officials are notified of the mistake, they take back what’s rightfully theirs, and leave you a mail saying that your transaction has been cancelled.

Welcome back to being mortal.

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