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Doogee Y100 PLUS Hits a stunning holding and visual sense

So far so good, DOOGEE has been breaking into the global market rely on its high quality and competative price in the field of mobile phone. This time, DOOGEE made another small innovation and breakthrough again for the customer-oriented goal, so that DOOGEE Y series are full of features with humanism.

Y100 PLUS Hits a stunning holding and visual sense

So arrogant as it is that you can leave it wherever you want without worry about whether it is duty of the table or how easy the back cover of mobile phone will get hurt. It is said that the worry about mobile phone dropping or throwing is unnecessary.

Doogee Y100 PLUS

Issued with the all-mental back cover after multiple sophisticated craftmanship, Y100 is an accurately proportional mixtrue of nanoscale powder of the quality aluminum alloy and the world’s leading Japanese Musashi paint. Before spraying the paint, first of all the back cover must be elecrostatic.After that, under the high frequancy vibration of the ultrasonic wave, the particles of aluminum alloy are every adsorbed on the surface of the back cover. Finally, brush a layer of lubrication oil textrue, UV, to improve wear resistence of the cover. Until then, the whole procedure is done. Thus, Y100 can be very strong enough to prevent from getting hurt by rubbing and colliding.

Doogee Y100 PLUS

Moreover, its metal wiredrawing textrue is also a function of avoiding getting duty and scrached, which can replace mobile phone case, right? Editor considered that feature of avoiding getting duty and scrached can be the most humanistic designs on mobile phone.

iphone 4s

As for the appearance, most of mobile phone are still made of square frame which looks a lillte bit seriours and brings an uncomfortable holding sense, such as Iphone. As the above picture, from iphone 4 to Iphone 5s, they were designed as square frame. However, from Iphone 6, the edges of Iphone are improved to be round. Developing with times, so do DOOGEE Y Series.

Doogee Y100 PLUS

Combined with the front of 2.5D LG curvy glass, Corning goriila glass and 5.5 inch HD OGS screen and the back of arched design, Y series are looking perfect and modern. The arched back is designed to fit for the palm of hand. After accurate adjustment, the radian brings cozy sense to every cell of the palm.

Doogee Y100 PLUS

As to color selection , Y100 plus are looking noble and high-tech in water-ink white, space grey and sandstone black. In addition, its camera is Sony 13MP sensor.

Doogee Y100 PLUS

All in all, all the refined internals and externals are fit for the position of Y seriers: young and modern. DOOGEE issued once again a machine with stunning craftmanship and great internals that draws people’s attention.

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