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Bringing with Exquisite Craftsmanship, DOOGEE Y100 Pro Upgraded to DOOGEE Y100 Plus

Bringing with Exquisite Craftsmanship, DOOGEE Y100 Pro Upgraded to DOOGEE Y100 Plus
Since its foundation, DOOGEE has relentlessly been in pursuit of industry innovation. To prove that, DOOGEE again releases a new smartphone, DOOGEE Y100 Plus, to hit the world with its vision and touch.

Bringing with Exquisite Craftsmanship, DOOGEE Y100 Pro Upgraded to DOOGEE Y100 Plus

With a larger 2.5D 5.5-inch glass screen, DOOGEE Y100 Plus provides a better viewing experience. Meanwhile, as the succession version of DOOGEE Y100 Pro, DOOGEE Y100 Plus also gets Y100 Pro’s wonderful making. Each detail was meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted. The back was taken as seriously as the front, for the sake of beauty. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth, seamless bond of metal and glass, which perfectly fits with your palm.

Reserving Y100 Pro’s metallic technology, the space grey version of Y100 Plus also has this incredibly amazing touch.

The backcover of the phone adopts eco-friendly polycarbonate as the base, and then processed with abrasive belt wire drawing on the surface. The finish is an accurately proportional mixture of nanoscale powder of quality aluminum alloy and the world’s leading Japanese Musashi paint. Before spraying the paint, first of all the back cover must be electrostatic. After that, under the high frequency vibration of the ultrasonic wave, the particles of aluminum alloy are evenly adsorbed on the surface of the back cover. Finally, brush a layer of lubrication oil texture to improve wear resistance of the cover. Until then, the whole procedure is done.

Moreover, two more classic color are used in the new covers, sandstone black and water-ink white.

Only your palm knows how delicate that matte texture feels. Every touch and grip makes great connection with nature.

To achieve better adhesion of the material, the whole sandstone black cover has painted three times, polished three times and other procedure. Natural sandstone were picked to be crushed into fine particles, then mixed with a certain percentage of paint, sprayed to the back cover. At last, adding an elastic resin protection, to enhance the abrasion resistance to the cover.

As smooth as water, it gives you such a silky and soft touch as if there was water running down your hand, which you feel like you’ll never get your hands off it. Never!

Just like the sandstone black cover, the water-ink cover has also been painted three times and polished three times and other. The time for baking the thickened paint has been extended to make sure the material better adhesive to the cover. Last but never the least, spraying it with high-wear resistant elastic polymer latex UV and drying it, so that the cover not only gets high resistance of wear, but also gets to wipe away the fingerprints, oil and other dirtiness easily.

As for the specification, except for what we’ve mentioned above, the Y100 Plus gets 1280X720 resolution, MT 6735 quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM and Android 5.1 OS. What’s more, it has a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera, supporting dual SIM card and 2G/3G/4G network. The price will be the same as the Y100 Pro’s. However, the price of Y100 Pro will probably drop 20 or 30 dollars.

DOOGEE Y100 Plus’s three special back covers and extraordinary design embodies beauty and quality, which will be popular among young people. DOOGEE again proves itself by considering users’ need and creating high-quality Y100 Plus.

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