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Google Shows Up Its New Logo: Quick Look At Company’s Logo Evolved Over Years

Within a month from restructuring the new company Alphabet, Google has unveiled its new logo. The all-new sans-serif typeface, aligning it with Alphabet’s logo. The all new look has been designed keeping the mobile user in mind.

Google Evolved

Take a look at the new logo above, which is evidently more crisp and clear. The company has also released a video showing the evolution of logos.

Let’s take a quick look at the Google logos in the past.

During Google’s humble beginning it was called Backrub and apparently this was their logo.


Google has changed its face several times over the past 17 years and this bright red is one of its early logos. This was the The Carl P logo for Google and according to Vox – it is unknown if it represented Larry Page’s father Carl page or his brother Carl Page Jr.

Google 17 Years Ago

From red to green and different fonts, the Google logo has surely evolved. Look at this one which turns the two ‘O’ into eyes.

Google Two Eyes

With the next logo, looks like Google tried to do something different. These can surely be called the biggest Google logo failures.

Google logo failures

The company had also started experimenting with doodle way too early, but they were simple and artistic. Over the years, doodles have evolved with animations, videos and so on.

Google Doodle

In 1998, the coloured letters on plain paper symbolised what the company stands for.

Google Doodle 1998

Soon the colour combination had slight changes. You will remember the popular exclamation mark as a part of the logo.

Google Doodle With Exclamation Mark

The company later slightly changed the second O. By now, Google had gone far beyond the company name and logo, was used as a term to find content online – ‘Google it’ – we all said. This was the logo used for the longest duration.

Google It

It then saw a slight change in the ‘O’ and lesser shadow.

Google It

This one is 2013, showed more fattened letters and the shadows were removed.

Google It

Now The Latest One – 2015 Google Logo is below:

2015 Google Logo

2015 Google Logo

Have A Look At Google Evolved Video:

[youtube control=”2″ src=”olFEpeMwgHk”/]

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