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What Is”Ping” By Flipkart?

After the ‘Image Search’ feature which was introduced last month, Flipkart has recently launched one more new feature called as Ping. But what exactly Ping is?

What Is"Ping" By Flipkart?

Suppose you are shopping on Flipkart and you are not sure about the product you have chosen. Now in this situation we generally seek a second advice from our friends and families via another messenger platform. But it’s too inconvenient to switch between two apps every time. So wouldn’t it be cool to chat and ask opinion about the product on Flipkart only! Well that’s what Ping is all about.

Ping is a new in-app chat feature that will allow you to share product images and chat while shopping. You can also share the screens and browse together. Users can also chat directly with the brand and online customer support via a messenger, in case you are skeptical about the product. The feature has been rolled out to the Flipkart apps for Android and iOS, but for now users need an invite to access the feature.

“Shopping in real-life terms is a fun experience where you share and show friends before buying. Online shopping till now was an isolating experience where people clicking on phones while sitting in cubicles. We are trying to emulate social shopping with this chat feature,” said Punit Soni, Chief Product Officer, Flipkart.

In other news, Flipkart has currently put on hold its plan to go app-only.

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