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Torrent Site Proxies Are Filled With Malware Injecting Scripts

Many Torrent site proxies which are used to access the blocked sites have shown to contain malware and pose a great security threat.

The court ordered restrictions imposed on the leading Torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents and other major piracy sites are all making the internet insecure!

Torrent Site Proxies Are Filled With Malware Injecting Scripts

Yes, according  to security researcher Gabor Szathmari all the above biggies of the torrent world are served by bypassing he censorship through proxies and majority of such proxies serve questionable content.

Some of the big ISPs in UK, Italy, Denmark and France have all blocked the leading torrent sites; however movie and music lovers are still finding out ways and means to bypass these restrictions.

One of the most popular ways to circumvent the filters is by using proxies and mirrors. It has been observed that for each of the blocked domains there emerges some corresponding mirror or proxy site which helps users to access their favorite blocked sites and circumvent the restrictions levered by the court.

Basically, these proxy and mirror sites came into existence just as a means to help people to get an access to their favorite torrent sites.

Sadly, though in the recent times some people who just want to make quick money are abusing these circumvention tools and services.

It is possible to bypass the filters with the help of simple workarounds, however the proxy sites add some of their own scripts and various advertisements to these tools.

A British, Information security consultant, Gabor Szathmari says that some of these scripts are actually harmless; however a majority of them do pose security threat to the user’s computer.

During his study, Szathmari examined around 6,158 proxy sites and discovered that around 99% of the lot had their own code and surprisingly only 21 sites had not modified the original site!

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