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LastPass Password Manager Is Now Free On Smartphones And Tablets

LastPass, one of the best password management tools, is now available for free for smartphones and tablets. The company has knocked off the $12 annual fee that it used to charge for premium support from LastPass’ Android, Windows Phone, and iOS clients. The app is also free if you are using it on your desktop.

LastPass Password Manager Is Now Free On Smartphones And Tablets

The company, on Tuesday, added the password manager for mobile to its free tier. There is a simple catch, however. While its password manager client for smartphone and tablet is now free to use, if you want to sync passwords between your devices (between smartphone and desktop, or smartphones and tablets), you are still required to pay up for a subscription. Those who start on smartphones will have to stick to smartphones to remain in the free tier, and the same applies for tablets. The paid subscription is priced at $12 a year for a Premium account, and $24 a year per user for an Enterprise account. The company offers a free 14-day trial of the paid Premium subscription.

The company notes that those who have just recently started the paid trial of the app will automatically see their accounts converted to a free account. Much like LastPass’ client for smartphones and tablets, the desktop application, if used strictly on a computer with no syncing options enabled, is also free.

A free account will give you access to features like automated filling of logins and forms, secure notes for digital record-keeping, as well as the ability to share credentials with friends and colleagues. A free account also gives the ability to digitally generate passwords, and enable multi-factor authentication as well as one-time password. You can find the right client of the app for your device from the company’s website.

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