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5 Best Headsets Under Rs.500 (July 2015)

Are you looking for a great Headset under Rs.500? If yes, then congratulations, you are going to buy one of the greatest headsets in the world. So, it is for sure you want to be 100% confident to buy the best one in this range, but this task is not so easy as all the headsets under Rs.500 are equally good. Don’t worry though, I am here to help you out. I have written the latest list of 5 Best Headsets Under Rs.500 for the month of July. Read it and compare the Headsets and choose the best one for you. You can checkout best headsets in other price ranges in our Buyer’s Guide.

5 Best Headsets Under Rs.500

Every month hundreds of readers of this blog comment and ask me which headset they should choose among the crowded market. Which has made me even better understand the requirements and view-point of the buyers. So I am trying to make this list even easier for you by giving you appropriate information. You are always welcome to ask your queries.

So, let’s take a look at the Best Headset Under Rs.500:

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1. Philips SHE3515BK/00 In-Ear Headset

Music works as a powerful medicine for many of us. This Philips SHE3515BK/00 In-Ear Headset with Mic (Black) is made for those music lovers who want to sever all the ties from the world while listening to music. It is a powerful and stylish headset designed intelligently to provide you with a pleasant musical experience. Philips is a well known brand famous for making groundbreaking devices and this headset is another innovation from the house of Philips. The headset is given a very sleek and stylish look to match the taste of young and fashionable users. The catchy and stylish look of the headset lets you wear it wherever you want.

This Phillips headset is instilled with high technology features. The ear buds are made ultra soft and flexible so that it can fit your ear nicely. The headset provides Powerful bass-driven stereo sound and lets you enjoy clear and dynamic music. The headset has a tiny microphone and call button integrated into it so you no more have to struggle to pick up the call while you are listening to music.  The headset comes with three different interchangeable ear buds to fit different ears. The soft and lightweight ear buds let you wear the headset for long hours. The compact ear buds block all outside noise and give you a flawless and crystal clear sound quality. The 1.2m long cable gives you an opportunity to roam freely while you are out. You can easily multitask with this headset on. It has a rubber cover on top of the headset cable for durability. Order one for yourself online before the stocks run out.

Philips SHE3515BK/00 In-Ear Headset
Key Features:
  • Price: Rs.455 @ | Rs.549 @
  • Small efficient speakers reproduce precise sound with bass
  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
  • A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use
  • Rubberized cable relief enhances durability
  • Integrated microphone and call button
  • 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ear
  • Ultra-small for snug comfy in-ear fit
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2. Skullcandy S2DUDZ-058 Headset

Step out in style with the Skullcandy S2DUDZ-058 in ear headsets gracing your ears. Harnessing progressive audio technologies, this headset is extremely effective in belting out acoustics that incorporates a harmonious blend of sound waves inherent in the audio spectrum. This Skullcandy headset is highly portable enabling you to wear it and carry it with ease. It comes with an additional pair of silicone ear bud sleeves ensuring a good fit. The Skullcandy in ear bass headsets are endowed with powerful 10-mm drivers that help in completely filtering out undesirable noise resulting in the reflection of punchy and crispy bass.

Engineered with meticulousness, the Skullcandy in ear headsets reproduce stereophonic sound with impeccable precision. The ear buds are perfectly contoured letting you plug them easily into your ears without you having to worry about them slipping out. Furthermore, the close-fitting ear cups also ensure the isolation of peripheral noise ensuring an augmented listening experience. These Skullcandy S2DUDZ-058 headsets come with a gold-plated 3-mm audio jack making it compatible with a range of devices including an iPad, iPhone, MP3 player, PC and a host of gaming consoles. The headsets’ lengthy jack cable offers you the flexibility in movement while you’re lapping up your choice music.

Skullcandy S2DUDZ-058 Headsets
Key Features:
  • Price: Rs.499
  • Fat bass
  • Clean crisp highs
  • Skullcandy jib in-ear
  • Two silicone gel sizes
  • Large 10 millimeters speaker driver
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3. Sony MDR-EX15LP Headset

Experience good sound with the Sony MDR-EX15LP/B in ear headsets. You can enjoy high-quality sound over a wide spectrum thanks to the huge frequency range of 8 to 22000Hz. These headsets are specially designed to give you a powerful base sound. Enjoy your favourite songs and movies on high volume as these Sony MDR series earphones have a high sensitivity of 100dB per mW. These earphones handle sufficient power to give you a top-notch sound with their neodymium magnets. Enjoy every beat of your music with these closed, dynamic earphones.

The cord of the Sony in ear headsets have a special slider that prevents the wire from getting tangled and allows you to adjust it as per your needs. These Sony in ear headsets come with hybrid silicon ear buds that are designed for comfort and fit easily in your ears. With a low 16ohms impedance, the Sony Y type headsets can be efficiently driven using battery operated devices such as mobile phones, iPods, iPads, MP3 players and audio devices. Being in ear, the Sony bass in ear headsets efficiently block out external noise that may interfere with the sound quality.

Key Features:
  • Price: Rs.490 @ | Rs.585 @
  • Enjoy clear, powerful sound with high-power neodymium magnets.
  • Avoid annoying tangles with the Y-type cord and slider.
  • Get a comfortable fit with hybrid silicone earbuds (3 sizes).
  • Cord adjuster supplied.
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4. Philips SHS-3215 Headset

From the house of Philips comes an impressive pair of headsets, which uplifts the quality of sound and music to great heights. Philips SHS-3215 Head Phones is the next big thing you need to own for experiencing crystal clear sound. The portability, level of performance and stylish look encourage the prospective buyers in getting it on the very first go.

Coming with a combination of white and blue, this pair of headphone features a 32mm speaker driver, which delivers high quality performance and exhibits bass beat sound. The inclusion of vents allows air movement for ensuring superior quality. The presence of Neodymium magnet enhances sound sensitivity and injects life in the sound experienced by the user. Along with this pair of headsets comes a 1.2 meter long cable which joins the speakers with the source of sound. The cable is provided on a single side to eliminate chances of tangling which. This headphone is compatible with mobile phones, mp3 players and laptops and transfers high quality sound to the user’s ears with accuracy and perfection. Though the product comes with sensational features, it is marked at an economical price so that the masses can avail it with ease.

Philips SHS-3215 Headset
Key Features:
  • Price: Rs.448
  • Music to your ears
  • 32 millimeter speaker driver delivers high performance sound
  • Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound
  • Neodymium magnet enhances bass performance and sensitivity
  • Made to fit you and your lifestyle
  • Single-sided cable reduces tangling and improves comfort
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5. Elecom EHP-CS3540RM2-G Headset

Cable winding type can be compact storage! 5 winding type of stereo headsets can length adjusted to stage. Code winding stereo headphone microphone for smartphone with reel, Connect to the smartphone that has a ?3.5mm4 pole mini jack, not only enjoy the music, it is a microphone with a model that can also call. The microphone comes with incoming response / call termination switch. There is a microphone positioned directly below the headsets, it is possible to call to remain stylish impression

Elecom EHP-CS3540RM2-G Headset
Key Features:
  • Price: Rs.449
  • Earphone with Mic
  • Earplug type Earphone
  • Fit in the Ear
  • Comfortable Cordkeeper
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