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Twins or Not a new Azure based website from Microsoft to find out if you resemble someone

After How Old.net Microsoft comes out with Twins or Not.net to find out if you resemble someone.

Remember Microsoft’s How Old.net website to find out how much you age according to your photo uploaded to it. After the stupendous success of HowOld.net, Microsoft has come out with a new service called Twins or Not.net.

The success of the project was so impressive that Microsoft has decided to create specific applications for Windows Phone and integrate the service in searches of Bing for faster access.

Twins or Not is a similar service to How Old, you have to upload photographs of two persons to the website and it will tell you how much you resemble each other. Twins of Not takes two photos and will assess how similar the people in these photos are, giving you a score from 0 to a 100.

Just like the first service How Old, the TwinsOrNot.net hosted on Azure API and uses facial recognition to analyze two different images uploaded by the user.

According to the website, the Twins of Not service was developed in a few hours in a hotel in the Czech Republic by Mat Velloso, a Microsoft developer who attended the BUILD developer conference in Prague.

You can visit Twins or Not to find out if you resemble anybody you know by uploading his/her and your photograph.

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