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Tumblr launched Tumblr TV, a full-screen GIF search engine

Tumblr is introducing a new tool to make it simple to view through the countless number of GIFs on its platform.

Known as Tumblr TV, it’s a full-screen list of GIFs that you can use to search for new ones or scan through some of the most popular images being shared.

Tumblr launched Tumblr TV, a full-screen GIF search engine

It can be tried out using a few different methods. The easiest way is to just visit – which works well for users who do not have an account. By default, it will show you a slideshow of trending GIFs. However, one can find more by clicking on the tags under the images or by using the search bar.

Once you are there, you can move forward and back or pause within the GIF slideshow, look for more images and reblog or like your favorite ones.

Tumblr TV

You can just use the regular search function and add ‘gif’ or ‘gifs’ to the end your terms as an another option. For example, if you want to find cute hedgehogs, you just have to type ‘hedgehog gifs’.

For instance, you can modify the URL – and restrict Tumblr TV to just images from a particular blog or category.

It is a very good tool that is very much alike Giphy, though it has less power for sharing on other platforms. However, it makes Tumblr’s GIFs more approachable, and it’s always a good thing to have more GIFs.

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