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Become an Android App Developer (Android M Developer Course) For Approx. Rs.1500

Some of you will probably want to kill me for quoting Steve Jobs, but he was very right when he said “everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”.  The advantages of learning to code are infinite. It will open doors you never knew existed, both personally and professionally.

Become an Android App Developer

Have you ever wanted to build your own Android application? In many cases the road to becoming a developer is a long, winding, expensive one. But things no longer have to be that way, especially when there are people like Rob Percival, who are willing to teach you for a very reasonable price.

Percival has created the Complete Android M Developer Course with Android Studio, a full online class for aspiring Android app makers. It’s probably not easy to fund such a project, so he has taken it to KickStarter, where you can get lifetime access for as low as $23. Keep in mind the course will be worth $199 when it hits the market, so this is really a steal. Not to mention, you can’t really put a price on learning to code.

While the course will be focused mainly on Android M, this is not something that will keep you limited to Google’s upcoming mobile OS version. You will learn how to code in Java and run through the whole procedure for building, publishing and making money out of Android applications. By the way, Rob Percival is no rookie. He has also created courses for web, iOS and Apple Watch development, so you know you will be in good hands. And you can also get access to those courses if you pledge more cash.

So, are you in? You can make your pledge at the Complete Android M Developer Course with Android Studio KickStarter page (what a name!) and sign up to become a literate Android developer now. The campaign has 28 days to go and the goal has already been met. The final product will be released in October, but some of you will have beta access as soon as the campaign ends. The course is said to last at least 25 hours, which should expand over 6 weeks. You can take your sweet time on it, if need be, though.

We are seriously considering signing up, to be frank. It’s a hell of a price and this really seems to be for anyone. The idea is that you would learn as you make apps, so it will be a much more hands-on and friendly approach at learning the craft. Are you thinking of joining the developer party?

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