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YouTube adds support for 60fps livestreaming

YouTube has announced that it has added 60fps live streaming to allow users to broadcast in real time.

The 60 frame-per-second rate is an early preview, according to Engadget, available just for HTML5-compatible browsers.

The site is also rolling out HTML5 playback, so that viewers can rewind in the middle of a live stream and then play it back at a higher speed to catch up to the live feed.

“The new frame rate is still an early preview, mind you, and will only be available on HTML5-compatible browsers. However, YouTube will encode these streams in both 720p60 and 1080p60 formats as well as automatically knock it down to 30FPS for devices that can’t handle full speed,” the report added.

The new features are likely to be especially useful for game streaming as well as for watching live sporting events, among many other possibilities.

Earlier this month, a GWI Social report crowned YouTube the ‘coolest’ social platform for teens. The GWI Social report is a is quarterly breakdown by GlobalWebIndex on the latest trends in social networking.

The study aimed to investigate which social networks/apps are currently considered to be the “coolest” by internet users in the UK and US.

According to the data, while Facebook still topped the charts as the coolest social media platform overall, among adults (37%) and teens (16-19 year olds) together — only 14% of teens agreed.

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