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Makers Of Adblock Launch A Dedicated Mobile Browser For Android

Adblock makes our lives much better by blocking out ads that interfere with the browsing experience. While it has been used by Chrome and Firefox users on desktop, Android users have been somewhat unlucky in getting Adblock to work.

But you don’t have to go through that any longer as the makers of Adblock have released a standalone browser for your Android smartphone, which will bring the entire set of ad blocking features to your mobile device.This is based on Firefox for Android, so you will find the user interface to be familiar if you have used Firefox. Naturally, the new Adblock browser is available as a beta for the time being, which indicates that it might not be fully functional yet.

The team originally launched an app on the Google Play Store, which would block all ads from HTTP connections (only on WiFi). But Google didn’t like this and decided to remove it from the Play Store almost immediately.

Adblock was then available as a standalone app, which could be downloaded from the company’s official site, bypassing the Play Store in the process. But unfortunately, not a lot of users are aware of this.

So the launch of a dedicated browser seems to be the solution to give Android users what they’ve asked for. You will have to sign up to be a beta tester through Adblock’s Google+ page, which means that not everybody might be able to access the browser right away.

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