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Facebook Messenger launched for web

Facebook launches Messenger.com as a dedicated web chat interface.

Facebook has unveiled a standalone Web version of its Messenger app, that will allow desktop users to chat from a browser tab without interruptions from their Facebook newsfeed and posts. Messenger.com is being rolled out to English users for now, while support for more languages will be added soon.

Users will still be able to send messages from Facebook.com, but Messenger.com will allow uninterrupted chatting, separate from the continuous updates from the social networking site. Users can log with their Facebook account into Messenger.com and see all the existing chats. Users are also access the mobile app’s features like making audio and video calls, send photos, stickers etc. However, right now the Messenger.com doesn’t support the ability to send pictures instantly from your web cam, or use content sharing apps. The service has a desktop notifications feature that sends a little pop-up when you get a message and lets you jump to your Messenger.com tab.

Facebook stated that the “dedicated desktop messaging experience” is “meant to be complimentary to the Messenger mobile app”. Facebook unveiled Messenger as a platform at the F8 conference last month, justifying the company’s move to make Messenger a standalone app. Last year, the company had faced a lot of criticism for making it mandatory for all users to download the Messenger app.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has also launched a desktop version called WhatsApp web in Jan this year. The new service allows users to send messages easily and sync between mobiles and desktop for a seamless messaging experience. WhatsApp stated in a blog post, “Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device — this means all of your messages still live on your phone.”

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