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Motorola Moto Turbo: First Impressions and Benchmarks

The Moto Turbo went on sale in India yesterday and the price tag of Rs. 41,999 makes it one of the cheapest flagship level smartphones right now. We’re working on our review of the device right now, but in case you don’t want to wait, here’s a quick first impression of the Turbo, along with a few benchmarks.

While the Moto Turbo is not the best looker in the market, this is one solidly build smartphone.

The ballistic nylon coating on the back is just to add something to the design. The real durability of the Turbo comes from the DuPont Kevlar fiber below it, which is supposed to be five times stronger than steel.

If you look closely, you’ll realise the trademark Motorola design. While the Moto Turbo does look different from the Moto X overall, the essential design elements, like the curves on the edges are there.

Left to Right: Moto X (1st Gen), Moto Turbo, Nexus 6

The size lies between the first gen Moto X and the Nexus 6. While the Nexus 6 is a gigantic device, the Moto Turbo is much smaller, yet good enough.

The rear camera lies at 20.7 MP, which promises much more than what we’ve got from Motorola till date. We’re yet to test out the camera properly, so watch out for the full review.

The front camera is the same as the Moto X (2nd Gen). But, from our experience that device has a pretty amazing front camera. Let’s hope this does too.

While the display on the Turbo is smaller than the Nexus 6, that underplays the 2k element. The screen is sufficiently bright and sharp, but you’ll have a hard time differentiating it from a 1080p at the same size.

That monster AnTuTu score just blew our expectations from this device skywards. We’ve all heard good things about the Turbo, but 50k+ was unexpected. It’s broken all records when it comes to benchmarks that we’ve done. That said, the phone does seem a little hot headed and has been heating up a bit. We’ll see how big a concern this is.

The graphics score on 3D Mark Unlimited is another monster, ahead of both the new generation Moto X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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