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How To Install WhatsApp Without Using Your Mobile Number

WhatsApp is an incredible social networking application you can say that allows you to send text’s, sounds, video clips (few hilarious one’s) and you can share pretty much everything now and after its been acquired by the social giant Facebook you can always think about new features that are going to be rolled in by time.

Install & Use WhatsApp without Number

Well today we will be showing you another easy trick that we think many people would be in search for. Well we will be showing you how you can easily install and use WhatsApp without actually entering your mobile number. Yes we won’t be doing any mischievous activity but we are going to use some another number from the app that will activate your account and you can easily chat without actually disclosing your number.
  1. You need to install WhatsApp, well either you can do a fresh install or if you are already having WhatsApp installed then you need to remove your number or choose the change number option.
  2. Now your WhatsApp is installed we need to install another application called Text+ to get the verification number.
  3. So now after installing Text+ application simply open Text+ application and navigate to Settings > Contact. Now here you will see your personal number.
  4. Now just copy that number and open WhatsApp and when it asks to enter the number enter that number and then hit verification button.
  5. Now within seconds you will receive SMS Verification code on your phone in the Text+ application.
  6. Now enter that code and your WhatsApp will be verified to be used to send messages, audio clips, video’s and pretty much everything.


So now guys enjoy using your WhatsApp anonymously without even disclosing your real identity, well it could be used for pranking your friends. Because they won’t be able to call on that number but you can easily send messages. So do pass comment about how you like this one and do like and share this post with your friends.

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