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Microsoft’s Surface Event Highlights

Microsoft just held its ‘Surface’ event on 26th October & announced the latest device in its collection – the Surface Studio. The Studio is an all-in-one machine for creative professionals which is designed to make artwork easier to produce. The screen is a super-thin 28” LCD panel, a zero-gravity hinge, & a base to house the computer’s requirements & only has 1 power cable extending from it.

Microsoft also showcased its Surface Pen & Surface Dial. The Dial can be rotated to control several parameters such that artwork can be easily manipulated without even removing the pen from the panel. The Dial can even be placed on the Studio’s screen allowing the user to select various options from a contextual menu. Putting the 3 together could seriously give Apple’s latest products a run for their money.

Microsoft also showcased the Windows Capture 3D Experience app, Hololens Shopping, Paint 3D & 3D Powerpoint.

Check out below video:

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